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Current Circles For Families

Here are the descriptions of our circles that we currently offer.

Below is a list of our future offerings.

Please go to our "Book Online" menu option for workshops and other events.

Pregnant Woman with Mother

Grand-Parenting Class

(In person & online)
Learn updates on health and safety, discover helpful ways of communicating with your adult child, all while listening and sharing with other grandparents. 

There ​are multiple ways to approach becoming a grandparent. Maybe you're excited, nervous, ready to pass on your knowledge, or feeling hesitant on how to insert yourself without feeling like you're imposing. All of these feelings are normal and we want to help you walk through them.

​You've probably also noticed that some things have changed since you've become a parent! Especially in regards to safety and health. Let's dive in so you can better understand where your child is coming from.

As childbirth educators, postpartum doulas, and being in this field for over 20 years combined, Tracy and Mariah have a lot of insight into this conversation, and we can't wait to help you navigate this tricky and exciting time!

For Covid precautions, please visit our Home page.


Express Childbirth Education

For Community Based Birth

In these times of constant change, new information, fear and concern, many families are choosing to birth at home or in a birth center. Sometimes this decision does not leave time for a full home birth series.    


We offer a basic, short and sweet, virtual class just for you! We will talk about what to expect, practice coping skills, have postpartum information and more. We are working with local midwives to include information they feel would benefit you and your family the most.


Our evidence based content is rich, interactive and confidence building. Find the schedule for this class via our events calendar tab and register via our book online tab

Image by Kelly Sikkema

MILK Circle

Feed your baby drop in
Free & Online!

Come meet up with fellow parents who are also feeding their little one. We will discuss challenges, tips, tricks, sleep, back to work and more with every kind of feeding! Pregnant people are also welcome to come learn and connect with others. This is an informal time led by Lactation Educator Tracy and Postpartum Doula Mariah 


Classes Coming Soon!

Parenting & Baby Connection

Learning how your baby communicates with you can be an effective way to bond, understand and meet the needs of your new little one! 

Movement & Coping with Pain

Kind of like Yoga, kind of like a pain coping class. Join Mariah as she helps ease your current discomforts, while also helps prepare your body and mind for labor.

Nutrition for Pregnancy

With so much information around Nutrition, let us help you cut through the fog. Your nutrition is the base for yours and your baby's health! 

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